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This half terms resource cards link learning within a Step into Spring theme.

There are 9 activity cards below for you to explore with your families over the next few weeks. 

Easter Fun - Simple, fun activities connected to Easter Celebrations.

Growing, All About Me  - Fun activities to explore how children grow and change.

One Springy Day - Lots of fun, easy activities looking at spring based around a Percy Park Keeper Story.

Vegetables - Many activities, ideas and stories to explore eating and growing vegetables.

Party Time - Time to celebrate Spring by planning a party for your toys!

Baby Animals - Activities and fun ideas to think about baby animals.

Beautiful Birds - Simple ideas, activities and stories to explore all kinds of birds.

Spring Spotter Card - Plants

Spring Spotter Card - Birds and Animals

Story, songs and information links which reflect the Step into Spring theme.

       This Is How a Tadpole Transforms Into A Frog | The Dodo - YouTube

                 Mr Tumble Songs | Five Little Speckled Frogs - YouTube

   A Busy Day for Birds storytime videos | BookTrust

     BBC iPlayer - Numbersongs - Days of Spring

              How A Caterpillar Becomes A Butterfly | The Dodo - YouTube



Activities for any age group

Listen to the sounds you hear in the garden and compare them to those you hear on a walk
Play leaf bingo by collecting some leaves and then match by describing the leaves

Build a den in the garden

Make a daisy chain

Make a leaf or bark rubbing

Make ice cubes with herbs

A large empty box as a train, car, spaceship or something else to transport you far away on
an adventure

Blow bubbles in the garden and count how long until the pop

Make shadow creatures, this may need some help online for guidance!

Play pooh sticks on a walk

Make a leaf crown

Make an obstacle course

Make a time capsule

Go cloud spotting

Make a treasure map

Play leapfrog

Play hopscotch

Make and play skittles

Count spots on a ladybird

Sorting through unwanted toys

Split toys in to groups and swap them around each week to give child a variety of toys